Learning languages

in Osnabrück

Languages are inlingua.

Outward-facing mission statement
inlingua opens up new worlds: We simplify our customers' access to other nationalities and cultures by enabling them to engage in active communication in a foreign language within a short period of time through monolingual training, under the guidance of highly-qualified native-speaking instructors. We safeguard our customers' jobs by continually developing our products so that they remain in line with changing market conditions.

Inward-facing mission statement
Our multicultural faculty is the embodiment of how individuals can live, experience and embody a workplace built on trust, irrespective of their culture, religion or background – inlingua Osnabrück is a microcosm of a (peacefully-existing) world. As a service-oriented company, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our being and deliverables to provide our customers with the best-possible service and our employees with the best-possible working environment. We strive to have enthusiastic employees and satisfied customers.

Our customers come first
In a broader sense, our customers include everyone on the planet embarking on a working partnership with our company. This includes our decision-making clients, participants from the corporate sector, our open programme, AZAV measures, as well as our suppliers and partners.


Definition of "clients" of our organisation and evidence that their expectations are addressed and integrated into the process of continuous improvement:

At inlingua Osnabrück, the customer always comes first. Our clients are primarily companies, for whom we provide on-site training tailored to their specific needs. This involves performing an initial language placement to determine the individual's proficiency level as a springboard for their language learning as well as catering to the customer’s scheduling needs based on their availability during our opening hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our trainers regularly undergo in-house training. Through frequent customer dialogue and surveys, we ensure that our trainers receive the necessary feedback to enable them to customise their lessons in line with the client’s requirements. These customer surveys additionally aid the continuous improvement of our service offerings in the administrative domain.

Alignment of our mission statement with the education and job market:

The companies we work with regularly inform us about their training needs, which we then incorporate accordingly.

Outward- and inward-facing mission statement, including regular reviews and adjustments as needed:

Aside from synchronising the delivery of our language services with the needs and wishes of our clients and customers, we also take the step of attuning our staff to the declared mission statement and ensuring it is implemented accordingly.