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As Edmund de Waal once said: “With languages, you are at home anywhere!”

Our goal is to help you learn German and advance your language skills. Our BAMF-funded integration courses are not only enjoyable learning experiences but designed to deliver early successes that allow you to communicate in the language from a very early stage.

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Important course qualification information:

Participation is open to individuals who are foreigners according to § 44 of the Residence Act and/or late resettlers and their family members who are entitled to a German language course according to § 4, § 7 or § 9 of the German Federal Expellee Law.

Participation is mandatory for foreigners who immigrated to Germany as of 1 January 1 2005. Foreigners already living in Germany, such as EU citizens, their spouses, partners, or family members, also qualify and can apply for funding.

For additional information, please contact our service team!

Fees :

Integration courses are assessed at €2.29 per academic hour (45 minutes). At the time of registering, a total of 100 academic hours are payable in advance (€229.00). Participants receiving benefits under the Second Book of the Social Code (SGB II) or the Twelfth Book of the Social Code (SGB XII) are exempt from payment. Late resettlers and their family members are fully exempt from any co-payments.

Course duration:     

The integration course runs for a maximum of 1000 academic hours of 45 minutes’ duration each and covers the following components:

  • Language training: 600 academic hours
  • Orientation course: 100 academic hours
  • Repeat courses: a maximum 300 academic hours are available for unsuccessful exam candidates

The language programme consists of a foundation course of 300 hours’ duration, followed by an advanced language course comprising a further 300 academic hours. Participants with no prior knowledge of the language typically attend the entire language course from the very first course module and receive the full quota of 600 academic hours. Individual modules may be repeated at cost.

The orientation course covers 100 academic hours and is included for all course participants. Participants with the requisite language proficiency may attend this phase directly without having taken the initial language course.

Course format:

Group course: conditions apply (minimum number of participants with the same proficiency level and scheduling availability. Contact us for more information!)