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Vocational language courses A2, B1, B2 & C1

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Effective communication is a vital aspect in working life. That's why we offer German courses that focus on the workplace and enable participants to learn job-specific German. We provide vocational German courses that are generally tailored to the working environment in Germany and require A2 entry level at a minimum. Specialist courses are also available, such as German for international medical professionals.


Job-related language promotion – German


You’ve successfully completed your integration course and are now looking to embark on the next step in your career but lack the necessary advanced German language skills? Then our job-related German language promotion courses are the ideal solution. These extended programmes are offered through the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). The courses build on our integration courses and enable you to achieve an enhanced language proficiency level (B2 and C1) specifically tailored to Germany’s labour market.


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Important information for enrolling

in vocational language courses

To enrol in a job-related German language promotion course, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be registered as a job seeker and/or receive benefits under SGB II (unemployment benefit II) or SGB III (unemployment benefit); you are seeking an apprenticeship position, currently undergoing vocational training, or are in the process of having your professional or educational qualifications recognised.
  • You have a migration background and need further language qualifications. In other words, you belong to one of the following groups:
  • Immigrants, including refugees, who are undergoing the recognition process and have a good prospect of remaining in Germany (the latter qualification currently applies to the following five countries of origin: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea and Somalia). Refugees from safe countries of origin are excluded.
  • Citizens of the European Union.
  • Germans with a migration background.

The certificate of eligibility (Berechtigung), entitling you to attend a job-related German language promotion course, is issued either by the Jobcentre or the Federal Employment Agency. Please contact your case manager for advice.

For further information, please go to the BAMF website or contact our service personnel.